Handmade porcelain flower sculptures from Italy of various sizes, styles and colors. These are authentic Napoleon Capodimonte porcelain flowers. Capodimonte being a type of European porcelain work dating back to the 1700s and Napoleon being a collectable brand dating back 40 years. They are heat-fired porcelain and not lesser quality "cold-cast" porcelain or ceramic.

We package them carefully for protection in shipping and they can be delivered with your message printed on a card or an engraved message tag attached to the flower.

All of our products include 45 day full refund guarantee & FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders.

Artists at work in the Fiero, Italy studio

Porcelain Flower Style 1203-35
4 Rosebuds Pink on Branch $48
2" Tall Buds on 8" Branch

Porcelain Flower Style 1007-53
Single Rose Bloom Pink on Leaf $35
3" Wide Bloom 2" Tall One Leaf

Porcelain Flower Style 1203-09
4 Rosebuds Red on Branch $48
2" Tall Buds on 8" Branch

Porcelain Flower Style 4059-17
Rosebud Red on Metal Stem $38
6" Total Length 1.5" Long Bud

Porcelain Flower Style 1030-79
Sara Rose Medium 2 tone Pink $35

Porcelain Flower Style 1414-79
Single Queen Rose 2 tone Pink $45
4" Wide 3" Tall Bloom w/ 2 Leaves

Porcelain Flower Style 1255-35
Rose Bud & Bloom Pink on Stem $45
3" Wide Bloom & 2" Long Bud on 8" Stem

Porcelain Flower Style 1348-23
Iris Stem Yellow Cream $45
8" Long 3" High 4" at Widest

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