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Gold & Silver Roses Gold & Silver Roses
Real Roses Preserved Forever in 24kt Gold or Silver
Platinum Roses Platinum Roses
Roses Coated Platinum - More Precious Than Gold
Porcelain Roses Porcelain Roses
Lifelike, Long-Stem Porcelain Roses From Italy
Crystal Roses Crystal Roses
Great for 15th Anniversary or Any Occasion
Glass Flowers Glass Flowers
Colorful Small Glass Flower Bouquets
Wood Roses Wood Flowers
Hand Carved Wood Roses
Enamel Roses Enamel Roses
Small Roses Preserved & Hand Painted Enamel
Gold & Silver Daisies Gold or Silver Daisy
Beautifully Preserved Small Real Daisies
Wild Roses Iron Roses
Real Roses Coated Iron Great 6th "Iron Anniversary" Gift
Steel Roses Steel Roses
Roses Covered Stainless Steel for 11th "Steel Anniversary"
Copper Roses & Bronze Roses Copper & Bronze Roses
Preserved Perfect for 7th, 8th, 19th, 22nd Anniversary
Copper Roses & Bronze Roses Cotton Roses
Perfect for 2nd Anniversary
Glazed Orchids Glazed Orchids
Beautiful Orchids Preserved to Last Forever
Leather Flowers Leather Roses
Roses of Leather. Great for 3rd or 9th Anniversary
Ivory Rose The Ivory Rose
Preserved Ivory Color Rose for 14th - Ivory Anniversary
Aluminum Flowers Aluminum Roses
Roses Coated Aluminum for 10th Anniversary
Lace Flowers Lace Flowers
Flowers Made of Lace Great for 13th Anniversary Gift
Brass Roses Brass Roses
Roses Covered Brass Great for 21st Anniversary Gift
Preserved Lilies Preserved Lilies
Gold or Silver Covered Lilly
Romantic Message Jewelry Porcelain Flowers
Flower Sculptures of Various Styles
Romantic Message Jewelry Coral Gifts
Preserved Coral Jewelry Great for 35th Anniversary
Romantic Message Jewelry Message Jewelry
Jewelry Engraved w/ Phrases of Love & Inspiration

2022 - Our 24th Year of Delivering The Most Unique Romantic Gifts

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