Real Roses Preserved in Platinum

Send a rose that lasts a lifetime. A real rose preserved and plated in platinum. Platinum is a beautiful dark gray metal more precious and rare than gold or silver. Regular roses fade in days but these platinum dipped roses will last and be treasured forever. Each rose is preserved under the metal so it will last for years and is also made stiff and strong by the process so it is not too fragile to touch or hold.

These work for any occasion but are particularly great gifts for the 20th wedding anniversary because the "modern" 20th wedding anniversary is "The Platinum Anniversary" with the gift being something platinum.

Order a platinum rose delivered with your personalized message on a card or engraved and in a nice gift box. We ship worldwide. All of our products include a 45 day full refund guarantee & FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders.

platinum roses

Bloom Style (left) and Bud Style (right)
Bloom Style is Fully Opened.
Bud Style is Semi-Opened.

Half Dozen Platinum Roses in Vase

platinum rose with engraved tag

Your Message Engraved on Round or Heart Shape Tag
Heart Example is on 5" Silver Rose

Engraved message on dime size stainless steel tag on stem $25
Up to 42 characters. Does not delay order.


Each Rose Beautifully Gift Boxed

12" Platinum Real Rose
Bud Style $99
Bud Style & Glass Vase $109
Bloom Style $119
Bloom & Glass Vase $129
6 Buds & 1 Glass Vase $514
6 Blooms & Glass Vase $664
3 Bud 3 Bloom & Vase $594
Lovers' Pair of 12" Roses
Bud Style Pair & Vase $178
Bloom Style Pair & Vase $228
Bud & Bloom Pair & Vase $208


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