Handmade in Italy, our long stem porcelain roses are an elegant gift. Even up close you have to touch them to see if they are real roses. Each around 18 inches long on their stem, they will let her enjoy the look of fresh roses all the time. Bloom part is porcelain and around 3" wide by 2" tall. Stem & leaves are a bendable soft acrylic similar what is often found on silk flowers or other artificial flowers. We package them carefully for protection and they can be delivered with your message.

All of our products include a 45 day full refund guarantee & FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders over $100.

Artists at work in the Fiero, Italy studio

Porcelain Roses - Bloom Style

Single Porcelain Rose $32

Single Porcelain Rose & Glass Vase $38

Half Dozen Roses - No Vase - $128
(Vase Available Lower on This Page)

9 Porcelain Roses - No Vase - $188
(Especially for 9th "Pottery Anniversary")

Dozen Porcelain Roses - No Vase - $228


Vase Options For Porcelain Rose Sets

We offer two sizes of large plain glass vases to fit the multiple rose sets and included clear glass beads (almost marble-sized) to help weigh down and stabilize the vase. You may be able to find nicer, more stylish glass or even crystal vases at a local store, or lower prices on the vases locally due to the expense of shipping and packaging to protect this item. If you are shopping for your own vase we recommend somewhere around 9" in height and around 6" in opening to the vase depending on how many roses you get. We strongly recommend also getting glass "gems" to stabilize the top- heavy vase of porcelain roses.

Note that the vase and beads sets can only be shipped by basic shipping (no 2nd day air or next day air) to the 48 states and can't be shipped out of the USA due to the size / weight etc. Porcelain roses only sets WITHOUT the vase and beads CAN be shipped by air options or internationally. If you add porcelain roses AND a vase and beads set to your cart or an order of just the glass vase and beads, it will only let you checkout going to the 48 states and only with basic shipping.


Glass Vase & Glass Beads Set for Around 6 Porcelain Roses $25

Vase Sets Not Currently Available

Larger Glass Vase & Glass Beads Set for 9, 12, 18 etc. Porcelain Roses $35





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