Small handmade glass flowers on bendable green wire stems. Most styles are about 7" long with a few styles 4 or 5" long to help the arrangement. The blooms are around an inch or two wide.

Colors and styles vary some but photos are representative of a typical mix. A dozen will often have a duplicate of a flower or two. We package them carefully to protect in shipping, but if any breakage in shipping, just send us a photo of damage for no-hassle replacements.

We can deliver glass flowers with your personalized message on a card or an engraved tag attached to the vase and in a gift box. 45 day full refund guarantee & FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders.

half dozen glass flower gift

Half Dozen Wire Stem Glass Flowers in 3" Glass Vase

dozen glass flowers in vase

Dozen Wire Stem Glass Flowers in 3" Glass Vase

Small glass flowers set in hand

Flowers Set in Hand to Show Size

Your Message Engraved on Round or Heart Tag

engraved message on glass flowers vase

Engraved message on 1" stainless steel tag $25
Up to 42 characters. Does not delay order.


Half Dozen Glass Flowers Set $48

Dozen Glass Flowers Set $87

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