Real Rose of Ivory Color Preserved Under Clear Glaze

Great Gift for 14th Wedding Anniversary - "The Ivory Anniversary"

Ivory is a pure white material usually from the tusks of elephants. As elephants are an endangered type of species, it can be difficult to find a gift made from actual ivory - so we present The Ivory Rose. This rose is not made from elephant ivory but is a real rose of beautiful white ivory color which has been preserved to last forever under a clear acrylic coating and trimmed in 24kt gold plating.

The 14th wedding anniversary is traditionally the "Ivory Anniversary" so this is an especially great gift for that occasion. If you are interested in our other colors of glazed roses such as red visit our Glazed Roses page.

Each rose is unique and around 12 inches in length. Each is beautifully gift boxed and delivered with your message. All of our products include a 45 day full refund guarantee & FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders over $100.

Ivory Rose w/ Gold Trim shown in photo above & below.

Also available are our Ivory Porcelain Roses - our long-stem porcelain roses of white color coated with a special gloss finish that gives it the look of ivory in the shape of real roses. The Ivory Porcelain Roses are handmade in Italy with solid porcelain for the petals (Note: no real rose inside like on the other style of "Ivory" rose) with soft acrylic for the stem and leaves and are similar in size to real roses - around 18" tall with the porcelain bloom part being about 3" wide by 2" tall.

Add an engraved message on dime-size
gold plated or sterling silver tag for $25

Ivory Real Rose - Gold Trim
Single Rose $64
Rose & Glass Vase $74
Pair of Roses in Glass Vase $122
Half Dozen & Glass Vase $335
Ivory Porcelain Rose
Single Rose $32
Single Rose & Glass Vase $38
Pair of Roses w/ Vase $58
Half Dozen - No Vase - $128
Dozen - No Vase - $228
14 roses - No Vase - $258

Add engraved message on dime-size
gold plated or sterling silver tag for $25



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