Real Roses Covered in Real Gold or Silver to Last Forever

Send a rose that lasts a lifetime. A real rose preserved, stiffened, and covered in a layer of real 24kt gold, silver, white gold or new "rose gold" / pink gold . Each rose is unique and these roses are even more stunning in real life than can be captured in photos here. Regular roses fade in days but these gold roses will last and be treasured forever. Each rose is preserved under the metal so it will last for decades and is also made stiff and strong by the process so it is not too fragile to touch or hold.

We can deliver a gold rose with your personalized message on a card or an engraved tag attached to the rose and in a beautiful gift box. We ship worldwide.

Some send a dozen, or half-dozen gold roses for a gift that will never be forgotten. Our pairs of roses that fit in a single vase are very popular. Also available below are silver roses & platinum roses. All of our products include a 45 day full refund guarantee & FREE SHIPPING on U.S. orders over $100.

Bloom Style Rose (left) & Bud Style (right)
Bloom Style Petals are 'Fully Opened' Bud Style is 'Semi Opened'

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Add engraved message on dime-size gold plated tag $25
Up to 42 characters. Does not delay order.


  Single 12" Gold Real Rose
Bud Style (Shown at Left) $69
Bud Style & Glass Vase $79
Bloom Style (Shown Above) $109
Bloom Style & Glass Vase $119
6 Bud Style & 1 Glass Vase $398
6 Bloom Style & 1 Vase $598
3 Bud 3 Bloom & 1 Vase $498
  "Lover's Pair" of Two 12" Gold
Roses & a Glass Vase
Bud Style Pair & Vase $138
Bloom Style Pair & Vase $198
Bud & Bloom Pair & Vase $168




  Single 17" Gold Rose
Bud Style $109
With Glass Vase $119
Bloom Style $124
With Glass Vase $134
6 Buds & Vase $548
6 Blooms & Vase $654
6 Mixed & A Vase $598
  Lover's Pair of 17" Gold
Roses & Vase
Bud Style Pair $198
Bloom Style Pair $228
(Shown at Left)
Bud & Bloom Pair $208


"She loved it! In the process I have made many husbands angry with me...their wives want one also!"


Silver Roses

Real roses preserved under real silver in bud style.


  12" Silver Rose
Single Rose $89
Rose With Glass Vase $99
Lover's Pair of Roses & Glass Vase $148
6 Roses & 1 Vase $438


Add engraved message on dime-size sterling silver tag $25
Up to 42 characters. Does not delay order.




White Gold Roses

White gold is made by mixing a small amount of other metals in with yellow gold to provide the unique color tint. Our white gold roses are each around 11 inches tall and are in a "half open" form - about halfway between our "semi open bud" and "full bloom" styles of yellow gold, silver & platinum roses. The color is a beautiful light gray, slightly darker than our silver roses and not quite as dark as our platinum roses. You can also add a message on an engraved sterling silver tag just above this on the page.

White Gold Roses on Side

Pair of White Gold Dipped Real Roses in Vase

White Gold Roses
Single 11" Rose $89
w/ Glass Vase $99


Add engraved message
on sterling silver tag $25


"Rose Gold" / Pink Gold Roses

"Rose Gold" is a metal made by mixing a small amount of copper in with yellow pure gold to create gold with a beautiful pink color tint to it. Available in the same style as our 12" 24kt yellow gold roses - fully opened bloom style pictured near the top of this page. You can also add a message on an engraved tag further up this page. Yelllow gold tag is recommended although silver tag will work also.


12" Pink Gold Real Rose
Bloom Style $109
Bloom Style & Vase $119
6 Bloom Style & Vase $598
"Lover's Pair" of Two
Roses in One Vase
Blooms Pair & Vase $198


Small 5" Gold & Silver Roses

The finish is slightly more antiqued looking than our brighter, larger roses. How open or closed the petals are can vary a lot from rose to rose & there are no leaves on the stem like our larger roses.


5" Silver Real Rose
Single Rose $54
Rose & Glass Vase $63
Pair of Roses & Vase $92

5" Gold Real Rose
Single Rose $59
Rose & Glass Vase $68
Pair of Roses & Vase $98

Engraved Message Tag $25





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